Thursday, April 30, 2015


Ever had a close call? Like stepping from the curb just as a car passed? Or slipped on some ice and thought you were so dead? Or maybe an electrical shock installing that outlet on which you forgot to kill the power?

Ha! You ain't got nothing on the comeback kid, Cliff Davidson!

A PhD student, an activist and the executive director of the Toronto Urban Photography Festival, Cliff is a pretty busy guy. When he is not hitting the books or socially engaged or leading photography workshops, he loves spending time enjoying the outdoors. Geocaching, snowboarding, hiking and camping are some of the activities Cliff enjoys to connect himself with nature.

I know you are dying to know the relevance of the first paragraph! so...

CLIFF FUN FACT: Though it's not really considered fun... Cliff was once dead! Yup, he was clinically dead for two minutes after drowning at the age of seven. Cliff says of his experience, "It might explain some of my, uh, shall we say, craziness"! Crazy or not, you gotta know this is pretty amazing - but not so fun! Cliff today - is indeed fun and very much alive!


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