Thursday, April 16, 2015


Blushing slightly at the attention, Brenda Rutherford rolls her head slightly to the right, looking up. The memories and stories come come flooding back.

Born in Kitchener, Ontario in 1962, but raised in Cobourg until 1979, Brenda studied Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences at The University of Guelph. She moved to Toronto in 1984 to work at the Ontario Cancer Institute. There, she studied the structure of proteins and protein-DNA complexes using Electron Spectroscopic Imaging and high resolution scanning transmission electron microscopy.

During the millennium year, she traded the world of small molecules for the world of small people, immersing herself in the world of parenting, raising two accomplished children. "No stone was left unturned, we participated in
as much as possible”. As a family, they navigated the complex world of sports and classical music and the always frustrating public school system. So far she has made it to the point of launching her youngest off into the world, “Life just keeps on getting more interesting”.

An active volunteer, Brenda coordinated school fundraisers, was a classroom helper, lugged hundreds of kids to sporting events, worked in a figure skating office, managed a minor hockey team, was Treasurer of the Adam Beck Community Centre Advisory Group and delivered Meals on Wheels.

BRENDA FUN FACT:  At the age of 30 she and a friend found themselves at a sex show while in Thailand. Saving women from exploitation almost became her life's mission. Maybe it still will become her mission...


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