Monday, March 16, 2015


It is fair to say, airports are not relaxing places. However, Xu Shaoyan, one of Ten Fu's Tea's ladies at the Xiamen airport will de-stress you!

Most airports in China sell tea, and in Xiamen, on China's south east coast, the Ten Fu's Tea shop is no different. However, here you can pull up a small red wood chair and enjoy tea prepared traditionally, and with no rush or sales pitch. One can totally loose track of time here as other travellers rush by.

Born in Zhangzhou in 1985, Shaoyan has worked selling tea for this company for ten years. As we spoke, her boss drifted over and smiled, knowing his star employee was a great ambassador for their tea. Always with a smile and a laugh, she is most definitely someone to find next time you are stressed out in Xiamen!

SHAOYAN FUN FACT: After making and selling tea all day she says with a laugh, tea is the last thing she drinks at home!


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