Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Rhys was a born and raised in Toronto. Growing up, like many youth, he took to snowboarding in it’s early days. In Ontario one could only snowboard at a few resorts and even then, were very much the outcasts on the hills. As years passed his passion for boarding drove him to seek bigger mountains and more challenging terrain. 

At 27 the call of the mountains got the better of him. Rhys pulled up stakes and headed west. Fortunately the woman he had just met decided to take the plunge and moved with him. After spending four years in Vancouver shredding the nearby mountains and getting married, they returned to Ontario to be closer to family. 

Rhys is now proud of his white picked fence, young son, dog, and of course a fine collection of snowboards. Rhys works for Fujifilm Canada after a career that transitioned from photography to graphic design and art direction. He is now involved with social media community management at Fuji. Rhys credits his career choices to growing up in the snowboard and skateboard culture. Always inspired by the images and designs in the boarding magazines, they led him to photography. 

RHYS FUN FACT: He was a competitive power tumbler, competing at the national level. He tried getting back into it a year ago and was surprised to find that he had the moves. But the following day his body reminded him that he was not 13 anymore!


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