Thursday, March 19, 2015


Many kids grew up playing with marbles at one point or another. However, Megan Brown plays with a lot more than marble now! Marble, terrazzo, onyx, limestone granite and many other beautiful forms of natural stone surrounds her every day.

Megan is the showroom manager at Ciot, a leader in the world of natural stone used in home decor and other applications where the beauty of stone is appreciated.

A newlywed, she was born in Pickering, just east of Toronto and graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in Interior and Architectural Design. She loves design shows on television which contributes to her interests and passion for design and decor inside and out. She is also and avid gardener as well as keenly interested in holistic nutrition.

MEGAN FUN FACT: Megan has a vast collection of old books. From old bibles to the books her parents had as children, the tactile nature and beauty of old books appeals to her.


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