Thursday, March 26, 2015


Francesco Russo's light blue eyes dance when he speaks of being born in Calabria. He was born in the the picturesque "toe" of Italy, but moved to Canada in 1972 after visiting as a tourist. Francesco had a sister living in Canada, so thought this would be a good move also.

He has always worked construction, even at the age of 13, Francesco was operating a dragline excavator in Italy! Its in his blood and he loves it.

For the past 41years, he has been working for Coreydale Excavating where he feels at home. He quickly breaks into a broad leathery smile as he rhymes off many of the large projects he has been involved with.  He has worked many feature condo builds for Daniels corporation, like the one where he stands in this photo on the site of the old Guvernment night club on Toronto's waterfront.

A father of two, and grandfather of two, Francesco's lively spirit is friendly, warm and engaging. He chuckles when I ask him about his fun fact.

FRANCESCO FUN FACT: "I used to collect rocks" he says laughing, "nature put them there, and I take them out and give them to people". These are not fist or mellon-sized rocks. These beautiful boulders, you guessed it, need and excavator! It gives him great satisfaction when he sees the boulders adorning in front of people's homes.


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