Tuesday, March 3, 2015


In the Beijing airport, one must avoid standing in the way of passengers racing for their flights! Lucky for Chuck, here, he is up against the wall as passengers run past him.

Chuck Chiang is here in Beijing to fly to Tibet with other journalists from Canada. He is the Online Editor and journalist for the Vancouver Sun newspaper.

Throughout the Tibetan part of the trip, Chuck was always an enthusiastic participant, wanting to experience anything and everything so that he can tell his readers of his adventures. And he did! We all ate heartily and went for long evening walks to work off the meals, as well as breathing the fresh high altitude air.

CHUCK FUN FACT: During the excursion, Chuck was famous for having all his facts at hand, literally! He had a habit of writing things down on his hand, then when he got back to his hotel at night, all those notes would be transcribed to his computer!


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