Friday, March 27, 2015


Passion is a word most throw about to describe something close to us - another person, an interest or a cause - then all too often it is gone. But for Bill Schiller, his life is passionate. His interests, loves and causes are life long.

Bill was born in Windsor, Ontario in 1951 and moved to Toronto in 1984 to work as a reporter for the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest newspaper. It is at the Star he honed his story telling skills and delved deeper into issues he was most passionate about.

He is interested in issues involving social justice, democracy and human rights. He loves a good story, both hearing them and telling them. He also loves the entree that comes with being a journalist: the ability to go anywhere, contact anyone, and ask anything. 

As a foreign correspondent for 15 years, he has covered such events as the release of Nelson Mandela, the death of Diana, the sieges of Sarajevo and Srebrenica, and 9/11 among others. He has lived in and worked from South Africa and Beijing as the Star’s bureau chief, always pushing the envelope to bring gripping stories to the paper and digging deep into the issues that affected people’s lives.

While on the road and often away, Bill has always been supported by, and is most passionate about his partner and spouse, Mary. 

BILL FUN FACT: In another life he was a gardener for  a year in St. Tropez and used to play bridge a couple of nights a week at Hotel Le Yaca with the owner Louie.


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