Saturday, March 28, 2015


With one foot in Canada, another back in China, Ben Wang is a frequent flyer who is constantly on the move. He works in a business as old as the material he loves - natural stone.

He loves to talk about the personality, the beauty and the character of natural stone. For Ben, this ancient material is a moment in geological time for everyone to connect with and enjoy. Whatever the form, it is like civic sculpture for all to admire.

He is a supplier of beautiful stone, always custom cut, some laser etched. From the huge black marble Gibson House laser-etched stone mural in north Toronto, to the sweeping salt & pepper granite curbs in downtown Toronto. His stone adorns some of the great condo projects all over the city.

With an easy laugh and and a fine cigar always ready, Ben blends his traditional Chinese love of stone forms with contemporary installations in parks, condominium architecture and the Toronto Pan Am athletes village.

BEN FUN FACT: No matter what the occasion, a visit to a construction site, or a meeting with developers, Ben always wears crazy coloured socks! It makes him happy!

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