Tuesday, February 24, 2015


With a song in her heart and sometimes in the hallways of school, Sandra Simons will often sing in the hallways of school.

Born in Hamilton, Ontario but living in St. Catharines for the last 38 years, Sandra is a wife, a mom and a grandmother to a beautiful granddaughter. Family is all important to her. Her time with children is precious. With family she loves to loves to bake, cook and do arts and crafts. As well, at the school where she is a dedicated and active volunteer. She spends her time at school helping children with their math, reading, socializing, writing and giving hugs when needed!

“I believe life is to short and I try to make the best out of everyday.” We should all have a Sandra in our lives! The children under her care benefit from her open and warm heart

SANDRA FUN FACT: Walking down the hallways of school while the students are in class, she will spontaneously break into song. Sometimes, she will hear a student whisper, “There goes our silly Mrs. Simons”. With a smile, she continues on.


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