Sunday, February 22, 2015


Lili has lived in Beijing for 10 years. For the past seven years, she observed and reported on the people and hot issues in this fast changing and ever expanding mega city with a keen news eye. Stories of ordinary people and their situations are her favourite subject. Their stories are anything but ordinary. "The struggle of maintaining peace and dignity behind making tough life choices always fascinates me." Lili believes small is beautiful and focuses on the details which easily connects people to the larger world. 

Lili worked with the Toronto Star’s Asia Bureau in Beijing for five years as well as a Canadian television network and other news services.

Lili is an avid reader and traveler. She has visited more than ten countries and is used to traveling solo. Recently she has been spending more time reading and on her own personal growth. "I call it my journey inside. Being outside wondering in the big city too long, I feel a bit disconnected with my inner self, I decided to take the journey inside to get close to who I really am."

LILI FUN FACT: Recently, a distant friend she had not seen for eight years said she looked younger than the first time they met. As well, an uncle who hadn't seen her for several years said the same thing. Maybe there is a film plot in this!


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