Monday, February 16, 2015


Born in Toronto but grew up in Bai Comeau, Quebec, the Reverend Canon John Simons is the oldest of four children and has two grown children himself. A theology professor at McGill University in Montreal and a director of the Montreal School of Theology, John is a devout man with a strong sense of duty balanced with an equally clever wit!

In 2008 Simons said, “We’re going down the river and we can hear the roar of the falls”. This was his take on the declining influence and position of the Anglican Church in Montreal. This goes to his love of ministry and even though it has lost ground, he does not turn his back on those who believe.

Simons attended Trinity College in Toronto and completed his PH.D at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. Now, after many years teaching and as a minister in Alberta, Toronto, Montreal and in the United States, he is retiring. He recently married Catherine Smith, a United Church minister in Sackville, New Brunswick. He will move there shortly and one is sure, will help support the local Anglican church there.

JOHN FUN FACT: His passions are metaphysics, theology and ecclesiology. And if you don’t think thats fun, just spend time with him, his charm and humour are omnipresent!


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