Friday, February 13, 2015


There is nothing slow about Hengjun. He walks quickly, his eyes always darting about, his gestures are quick and his laugh and wit are always at the ready!

I met Hengjun in Beijing just after he landed. He was tired but still managed a quick wave and never broke step as he headed to his suite to sleep. The next many days were going to be a whirlwind and he would be in his element!

Hengjun is a consultant for the Tianda Institute, a Hong Kong-based strategic studies think tank. If you think this attracts awkward, scholarly, bookish types, you would be very wrong in Hengjun. He is a man of great warmth, wit and possessing an enviable vast social media footprint. He is in short - an enigma.

In one day Hengjun laughed and joked about bargaining with Tibetan farmers for the best price for cordyceps, proudly unwrapping the the small fungi from a tissue in his jacket pocket - to taking university academics to task with piercing and difficult questions on domestic policy in China.

Hengjun is a man you want to have with you during times of stress and difficulty! He will engage you and distract you and you have no idea that he is doing it to help you!

HENGJUN FUN FACT: While on a tortuous nine-hour drive to Lhasa in a private bus, we vaulted out of another pothole, throwing him clear into the air, and landing on the floor of the bus! He laughed and continued telling the story from the floor of the bus!


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