Saturday, February 14, 2015


This is the group I met up with in Beijing last July. We were a group of foreign journalists (the four in the middle, plus myself taking the photo!) invited by the Chinese Government to visit Tibet.

From left: Guo Likun, who was assigned to me as translator since I was the only non-Chinese and do not speak Mandarin! She is a reporter based in Beijing for the Xinhua News Agency. Yin Ling is Publisher of Sept Days from Montreal. Huang Yunrong, Editor-in-Chief of New Leaf Weekly from Vancouver. Yang Hengjun is a consultant with the Tianda Institute based in Hong Kong. Jiang Changxin is Online Editor with The Vancouver Sun in Vancouver, and Sun Linhu, our ever-laughing and patient official Beijing government guide who put up with all our idiosyncrasies!

We explored a bit of Beijing and got to know one another before making the long and fascinating trip to Lhasa in Tibet. Many adventures were had along the way!

I featured Yang Hengjun yesterday and will feature more in the weeks to come.


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