Wednesday, February 11, 2015


No dog. 
No pony. 
No bull. 
This statement on her advertising business website sums it all up. Creative partner and co-owner of Off To Market, a Toronto advertising and marketing agency, Dawn is a straight shooter. Pulling no punches, Dawn is as direct and clear as she is passionate and caring for others.

With a career in advertising and marketing at the big agencies, Dawn knows a thing or to about delivering a message. This is true of her other interests.

Dawn stepped out of the boardroom and into a boxing ring to put her drive and fighting spirit to work raising money for cancer research with the Fight To End Cancer. She is petite, but don't let the big blue eyes and infectious smile fool you, she is a fighter!

DAWN FUN FACT: She taught herself to quilt and to knit and loves making little knitted hedgehogs. Now that's creative, no bull!


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