Monday, February 2, 2015


With the chiselled look of a Viking conquerer, Ben Roffelsen is always observing scenes around him with an eye to composition. Always, a camera in his satchel, Ben loves the streets of Toronto and the photographic possibilities everywhere.

Originally from Chatham, Ontario, he moved to Toronto in 2007 for more opportunities in his field of design and digital marketing. Working with Cossette Communication, he mainly works the Telus account - ironically, a company that has built its business on clients saying, Hello”!

An artist at heart, Ben’s interests range from drawing, cartoon illustration, painting and watercolour to photography and design. Its a good thing he works for a creative agency where his talents can flow.

Unable to sit still for long, his wandering spirit feeds into his Fun Fact:

BEN FUN FACT: “I’m a closet geek” he admits with a laugh. He is a sci-fi fan who loves Dr. Who and all things Star Trek. Of the various roles he could choose, he would choose that of a captain. “I’d love that kind of freedom, to point to a star and say, ‘Go that way.’ "

But for now, he is content to explore the city and hopefully, discover a place no man has gone before!


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