Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Allan has worked for the past 25 years in the back offices of Your Neighbourhood Credit Union in Kitchener, Ontario, rarely showing his face at the front counter. "I prefer the low profile and obscurity of being behind the scenes".

Much of the work he does has a direct affect on staff, members (customers) and the bottom line, so it is important to get things right the first time. "That’s what it said on my performance review"! Proof that bankers do have a sense of humour!

Allan loves to travel regardless of whether it is near or far. He can speak five European languages just using hand and face gestures! It is also helpful to be married to a linguist. 

He has studied industrial relations, accounting, photography, had a pilot’s licence, was a platoon sergeant, and played music off and on for 50 years. This is a guy with a lot going on!

ALLAN FUN FACT: I vote in every election and pay my taxes on time but that’s not really fun.


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