Monday, February 9, 2015


People move from home and country for many reasons. For work, for love and for a change. But Alice moved for heavenly reasons! “I came to Canada to see Northern Lights”, she laughs! She has yet to see them.

Growing up in the streets of Seoul, Korea, half a world away, it seems so far away for Alice who now calls Toronto home. She’d like her sister to move here and be closer, but no way! Too cold here! She moved to Toronto by herself, without family here. It gets lonely, but she has a close circle of friends.  

Asked what she would do when she finally sees the Northern Lights, she laughs and says she’d have to move back to Korea! “No, I would stay, I love Canada. The people here are so nice and kind and friendly."

Alice moved to Toronto in 2012 to pursue education. She was a programmer for access control security applications in Korea but now is taking internet programming. “It is hard, but I am ok with it”.

ALICE FUN FACT: “I am 31 (in Korean years) and I love to go to sleep with lots of stuffed animals! Not many know that about me."


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