Friday, January 30, 2015


Xinjun is a multidisciplinary artist living in Beijing. Comfortable moving between drawing, painting, installation and video, this artist lives creativity. Like many emerging artists in China, life can be hard, so Xinjun works other jobs including assisting other, more established artists.

With an easy smile on a hot summer night, he speaks of his ideas and is ever watchful for anything inspirational. We sit outside a bar where yellow textured tiles, the kind one sees at the edges of a subway platform, are embedded in the concrete, forming a path to an empty covered room where video and audio responds to people’s movements. Its all about sensory immersion and pushing creative boundaries.

These are challenging visual concepts for most people in a conservative country to get their head around. But it is part of the changing artistic landscape in China, and Xinjun passionately works in that space.

He longs to go abroad to experience other countries, cultures and sources of  inspiration. But for now, he and the three other artists enjoy the hot summer night outside, laughing and talking of upcoming exhibitions and how they can help one another.


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