Thursday, January 15, 2015


Known mostly as O.T., Othman Kammah is a quiet man of few words, and even fewer letters! I met him a year ago and since then have learned his quiet demeanour is not to be taken lightly - he is a guy with many interests, a keen business sense and passionate about photography and exceptional time pieces - what we would simply call a watch! 

O.T. is co-founder of FujiTuesday. A group of camera enthusiasts who think nothing of loitering around a park at night in -20 degree temperatures taking pictures! Quick with a smile, and always willing to guide others, it is with mixed feelings we must say good-buy as he and his family head south to live in California. Could be worse… but I’m still thinking how!

O.T. FUN FACT: When you meet O.T., one feels he’s been there all the time. He says, "People seem to think I’m a local. Guess it pays off to be a mutt of the world”.


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