Sunday, January 25, 2015


Two holes and a twitching line. That is how I met Murray Sears today. A man with sparkling blues eyes, just off shift from his 60’ spray booth where he paints garbage trucks for Fanotech Enviro in Huntsville, Ontario. 

He paces between his holes drilled through 18” of ice on small lake in Arrowhead Provincial Park. With an eagled-eyed watch over his ice fishing lines - filaments to the depths, he is determined to hook the large speckled trout that is his nemesis.

Murray, 58 has large, tough leathery hands used to an honest day’s labour. He enjoys what so many farther south work their lives for - balance. He is happy in his 60’ paint booth, and loves the solitude and quiet of the ice. We should all be so balanced.

MURRAY FUN FACT: Chuckling, Murray reveals, “Not many people know I ice fish. I find it really relaxing. I don't care if I don't catch anything.” He is new to this past time, taking it up only 6 years before with his son-in-law.

With that, he darts off, kneeling at a hole, feeling the tension on the silvery line, he knows he has been visited by that elusive trout!


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