Monday, January 12, 2015


Wearing a paisley dress, Li Ming is a striking contrast to the flat and featureless grasslands of Inner Mongolia. Her family has lived on the grassland for generations living in yurts. She is pictured here at the side of one of a few roads in the region on her way to work in the closest town.

The image of the yurts is very typical here and is a warm place to stay and live with a family. These yurts were a welcome cool retreat from the summer heat and a cool place to sleep at night. The yurts are constructed of a criss-crossed accordion stick wall like a giant playpen. They are covered with layers of canvas on the exterior, a thick layer of horsehair in the middle and a silk layer on the inside against the ornately painted fanned-out sticks giving these structures their shape.

FUN FACT: Li Ming holds her Hello card sideways because the traditional language here is written vertically.


Some of the yurts on the land of the Li family. 
They are comfortable places to rest and stay as one travels in Inner Mongolia.

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