Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Destined from an early age to be a visual journalist, Ken travelled from Canada's west coast on Vancouver Island to Yellowknife, then Whitehorse, before daring to make the jump to big city Toronto journalism at the Toronto Star. 

A multi-award winning photographer for 25 years, Ken was also a much-loved & respected manager of the photo department for the last five years before taking one of the Star buyouts.

I once found Ken in Toronto’s Distillery District consulting with a master printer at the Proof Studio Gallery. He was visiting the custom lab to print archival black and white prints for a unique photo/art exhibition with his wife and journalist, Rita Daly.

FAUGHT FUN FACT: The true north permanently acclimatized Ken to real winters. When he landed in Canada’s far northwest, his new friends showed him how to bring in the New Year by stripping down to his underwear, socks and boots in -20c temperatures before taking a ride on a snowmobile over a frozen lake. He lasted 25 minutes before having to thaw out in the nearest bar.


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