Saturday, January 24, 2015


Da Jin is a man who sees opportunity everywhere. He owns a small hotel in Inner Mongolia, has small enterprises with many other people and seems to know everyone! He is a happy man with a big heart who loves to show off his homeland with a broad smile.

One of Da Jin's passions is photography and to that end, has been building up a business around photo tourism. Want to see first-hand what life is like on the grasslands of Inner Mongolia? He's the man. Want to live on the land in yurts and live the grassland life? He's the  man. Want to photograph hundreds of Mongolian horses as they charge toward you in an apocalyptic cloud of dust? He's most definitely your man!

 He loves his people and will drive great distances (to get anywhere here, one must drive great distances) to deliver one of his framed prints of a nomadic family. Wherever he goes, people know him, smile, and wave.

DA JIN FUN FACT: While driving overland one day we had a tire blow out. The tire jack in the vehicle was not fitted for the SUV, so he masterfully balanced the jack on a collection of rocks for the extra height! Cringingly it worked and nobody lost an appendage! He just continued to smile and talk, though neither of us understood each other's language!


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