Sunday, January 11, 2015


Though he would argue the Beaker character on the Muppet Show was named after him, this Beaker is named for more than just piece of laboratory glassware.

Capable of deep thought and possessing a refined sensibility, this Irishman is equally at home cruising Toronto’s Mink Mile for Tiffany accessories and mixing it up with the ne'er-do-wells at the Cherry Beach off-leash dog park where humans come in herds to loiter with their Starbucks!

A graduate of exceptional standing from When Hounds Fly, Beaker enjoys long days of meditation on his queen size bed and drags himself out to mark a bit of territory in his Bloor and Church neighbourhood.

BEAKER FUN FACT: Beaker is a social chap with a Twitter following of 240 (@peeingontoronto). He can also be found on Instagram enjoying 266 followers (wheatenpuppy). These numbers are as of today's posting.


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